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We’re on Kickstarter!

Once upon a time, this total badass,   __(insert your name here)__  , was really tired of having to settle for so-so coffee when they were traveling for business/fun/running from the law. She/He really needed an app that would know, “Oh, you’re in New Orleans? There’s a fantastic shop two blocks over. Let’s get you there.” 

Except. That app doesn’t exist. Yet. 

Help us (Where Should I Coffee?) make that app a reality. 

Our Kickstarter is live, and you, you total ass-kicker and name-taker, can check it out right here. Now you get to be the fairy godmother that waves the wand.

(Too much? Sorry.)

Can’t donate rightthissecond (we get it!) but want to be reminded before funding ends on February 17th? Sign up below to get a fun (gentle) reminder sent to your inbox!

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