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Listen, coffee is not just coffee. It’s more than just caffeine.

And it’s not whipped cream and flavored syrup and more sugar than is strictly advisable in a single day. Or week.

(Leave that for dessert.)

Good coffee, really good coffee – roasted the right way and prepared by a barista who cares is an experience all by itself. It gets you up in the morning, sure, but it also gets your day on the right path. It’s sipped and appreciated for it’s natural flavors, not gulped down so fast you burn your tongue right off. No one likes that.

But you know all that; you’ve got your coffee shop back at home. You know, the one that’s yours.  You’ve got a favorite seat, a favorite drink to start the morning, and a favorite barista who knows how to make your drink the right way (it’s okay, we won’t tell).

Where Should I Coffee? is for when you’re on the road, when you wake up in an unfamiliar city and think longingly for your favorite drink by your favorite window before you remember – damn it – you’re not at home.

We’ve been there. This project was started in early 2014 when Valorie was living on the road, drifting from city to city and constantly asking, “Okay, but where can I get good coffee around here?” When she realized every other resource was useless she set out to create her own. And here we are: An honest guide of where to get an honestly good cup of coffee when you’re traveling.

The recommendations you’ll find here aren’t from just any jerk with an internet connection. These come from baristas, from people in the specialty coffee industry. These shops are where we tell each other to go when we travel; these are our favorite places.

That’s our mission: Helping you find great coffee no matter where you are. Because no one should have to settle for something they don’t like just because they didn’t know that the good place was just two blocks over.

And if you find a new really good place in your hometown too? Well, more’s the better, right?

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